First Planting . . . Strawberries

Today I planted my first seeds. As I said in my Day 2 post, according to Smart Gardener, I am already behind on my planting! I planted the strawberries without incident.  First, I bought some strawberry roots (and asparagus roots), Jiffy Peat Pots (size 3), a plastic Jiffy seed tray, and some soil designed for starting seeds. Next, I added some seed starting mix to the peat pots, a little water and mixed it up. Then I placed my strawberry roots, covered them with soil, and watered the tops. Finally, I put the peat pots in the seed tray so the water would have somewhere to drain and then covered them with plastic wrap.

 . . . and Asparagus

When I opened my bag of asparagus roots (crowns), I realized I should have done more research. They were way too big for my size 3 Jiffy Pots and seed tray. My hubby graciously volunteered to go back to Wal-Mart for Size 5 Jiffy Pots and individual plastic pots. When he returned, I successfully (at least I hope) repeated the steps I had applied to my strawberries.

I didn’t want my smaller Jiffy Pots (which I had already put wet soil in) to go to waste, so I decided to plant some green onion seeds as well. Once you get the Jiffy Pots wet, they start to break down and are less stable, so it is important to have the in a plastic outer container for support.

According to the directions that came with the Jiffy seed tray, the seedlings should be kept moist and covered with plastic wrap until they germinate. They also don’t need sunlight until they germinate, just a warm environment. So I placed the pots and tray in my basement tub (which we almost never use) until they germinate. Now I just have to remember to water them!

Jiffy Pots–the Convenient Way to Garden

Incidentally, I would highly recommend Jiffy’s peat pots and strips. They have several different varieties and sizes that you can find at your local Wal-Mart or lawn and garden store, or Amazon. The few veggies I had success with last year were started in their products. They are made of this nifty composting peat cardboard stuff. You can just put the whole thing in the ground!

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