Beginner Gardening 101

Today I made a trip to the garden section of my local library. I love libraries—especially in this digital age—there Is something about the smell and feel of actual books. I love the weight of them in my hand, the feel of glossy pages filled with pictures . . . I checked out several books about gardening, probably too many. Given my busy schedule these days I won’t have time to read half of them.  

The book that seemed most interesting/ relevant was The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Edward C. Smith. The author, an experienced and prolific vegetable gardener, claimed that you can increase your garden’s yield and productivity by using wide raised beds rather than the traditional row method. He recommended beds be about 18 inches deep and 3 feet wide.  However, he said the main thing is that you can reach to the center of the bed in order to weed and tend the plants. 

Reorganizing and Re-arranging . . . Again

Smart Gardener, beginner gardener.

A screen shot of my garden plan.

Armed with this new information, I opted to do some garden re-arranging on my Smart site. Naturally, I re-arranged all my rows into three raised beds. Given the parameters of my existing plot I went with two beds measuring 22′ x 2′ on the sides and one bed measuring 19′ x 3′ down the middle. This necessitated some further re-arranging of plants in the beds themselves. 

First Big Batch Plant

I also did my first large batch plant today! I found these really nifty mini “greenhouses”–by you guessed it—Jiffy! They come filled with seed starting “pellets.” I bought the 72 pellet trays for around $5 at Wal-Mart. I followed the directions: just fill with water, watch pellets expand, plant seeds in pellets, and cover with the plastic lid. It worked pretty slick. Now I just have to see if anything sprouts. 

Starting SeedsI am having some success with my itty-bitty asparagus and strawberry seedlings. My cats got a hold of one strawberry, but the rest seem to be coming along nicely. Fingers crossed! 

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