Summer is here! Kids should be outside enjoying the sunshine. Check out these great outdoor toys under $50! What better way to inspire creative, active outdoor play than with a few new summer games and activities?

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Nature and Adventure Toys

Adventure Kids Outside Exploration Kit

Empower your little explorer to embark on an outdoor adventure with this great kit. This kit comes with binoculars, a flashlight, a compass, a whistle, a bug collector case, tweezers, and a magnifying glass in a cute little bag. Perfect for summer adventures, this kit also promotes scientific thinking!

Kid’s Garden Tool Set

Have a little gardener? This fun garden toolset will allow your mini gardener to work alongside you or on their own. The set comes with a trowel, watering can, rake, wagon and more. What better way to get your little to eat their veggies than by teaching them to grow their own?

Go Find It Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Game 

Take the whole family on a fantastic outdoor nature scavenger hunt. You can use these cards again and again in endless combinations. This game is a whole new way to explore your backyard, local park, or the great outdoors. This game is great for families, groups of kids, preschools, and many more!

Outdoor Arts & Crafts

Crayola Glitter Chalk

Who says outdoor toys can’t appeal to your child’s creative side? Crayola puts a whole new spin on classic sidewalk chalk by adding glitter! Now your kids will be inspired to create tons of sparkly designs with fun, washable chalk.

Toyard Doodle Mat

Technically, this can be used indoors too, but what is more fun than laying on the grass and “painting” with water on a warm sunny day? This mat is large enough for several children to use at once but also folds for easy storage. It comes with refillable water “pens” that magically write on the safe, non-toxic surface, as well as other stencils and stamps for added fun and learning.

Made By Me Mix & Mold Your Own Stepping Stones

Make your own beautiful stepping stones to decorate the garden, walkway or patio. This kit includes everything kids need to create four original and creative works of art. Personalized stepping stones also make great gifts for loved ones.

Sports and Active Toys

Little Tykes Easy Score Basketball Hoop

This is a great first basketball hoop for toddlers and preschoolers. This fun and function hoop also comes in a pink version, if your kiddo prefers (Pink Little Tykes Easy Score Basketball Hoop ). Encourage your little ones to develop early basketball skills while learning how to take turns and having fun.

Hover Soccer Set

Perfect for a patio, driveway, or cul-de-sac, this soccer set puts a fun twist on the traditional game. Kids will love practicing their kicks with the glowing, hovering “ball.” Another great way to get kids outdoors and moving, this also promotes good sportsmanship and teamwork.

17 Piece Sports and Outdoor Games Set

Remember all the classic outdoor games we had has kids? This terrific set includes several different options for traditional outdoor fun. With something for everyone, this is a great set to have for a party or a playdate.

Flybar My First Pogo Jumper

Build those leg muscles and get rid of extra energy! Similar to traditional pogo sticks, but safer and easier to use than the original design, your kids will literally “jump for joy.” Sure to be one of your kid’s favorite outdoor toys!

Water Toys

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Sprinkler

Is it even summer if you aren’t running through the sprinkler? As always, Melissa and Doug deliver with this cute and fun sprinkler design. Attach to any garden hose and get ready for a great way to beat the heat!

Splash Pad and Sprinkler Mat

A bit of a twist on the traditional sprinkler. Now you can have your own miniature backyard splash pad with just a garden hose and a sunny day! This is especially fun for younger children and toddlers.

Step 2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

What’s better than a water table? A waterfall wall, of course! This unique educational toy is basically a cross between a water table and a marble maze. Kids can construct different mazes with the movable parts and then watch how water courses through the different pieces as they pour it down the wall.

Other Fun Summer Toys

Let’s Go! DIMY Walkie Talkies

Is your child begging for a cell phone? This summer, give your kids the original “cell phones” of childhood and send them outside to experience the fun of walkie talkies. Absolutely guaranteed to be more fun than texting the neighbor kids!

USA Toyz Kid’s Teepee Tent

This fun little tent is not intended for camping, however, it does make a great little backyard hideaway or a shady place to get out of the sun. Even more fun, the teepee comes with a portable and kid-friendly projector. This is great as an indoor or an outdoor toy.

Bubble Machine

Bubbles are great and kids can have tons of fun with them. However, parents can get a bit light-headed from blowing endless bubbles. Not anymore! This cute little dolphin will do the work for you, so you can relax while your kids play. Another great outdoor toy for summer fun!

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