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Black Thumb: Diary of A Wannabe Gardener, Day 2 – Making a Plan

Hatching a Plot

I have discovered that successful gardening needs a plan. Ever since I hatched my cockamamie plan to turn my backyard plot into a real garden, I have been pinning ideas on Pinterest–pins about how to grow tomatoes in containers, how to start your own backyard compost, how to maximize space, etc. My husband is fully on board with the idea and has relocated (or torn down and rebuilt) a shed, an empty chicken coop and an over-sized, dilapidated green house to make room for my larger plot, compost bin, and smaller and more functional greenhouse. My sole contribution to the project thus far has been pinning.

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Black Thumb: Diary of A Wannabe Gardener, Day 1 – Getting Started

My Black Thumb

As I am a soon to be SAHM and about to be on a single income, I thought gardening might be a good hobby to take up. As part of my goal to try new things and embrace possibilities, why not? I mean I have RARELY had much luck in the area of gardening or plants, but if I could have a successful garden . . . the possibilities (and grocery savings) seemed endless.

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