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The Very Best Outdoor Toys Under $50

Summer is here! Kids should be outside enjoying the sunshine. Check out these great outdoor toys under $50! What better way to inspire creative, active outdoor play than with a few new summer games and activities?

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Nature and Adventure Toys

Adventure Kids Outside Exploration Kit

Empower your little explorer to embark on an outdoor adventure with this great kit. This kit comes with binoculars, a flashlight, a compass, a whistle, a bug collector case, tweezers, and a magnifying glass in a cute little bag. Perfect for summer adventures, this kit also promotes scientific thinking!

Kid’s Garden Tool Set

Have a little gardener? This fun garden toolset will allow your mini gardener to work alongside you or on their own. The set comes with a trowel, watering can, rake, wagon and more. What better way to get your little to eat their veggies than by teaching them to grow their own?

Go Find It Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Game 

Take the whole family on a fantastic outdoor nature scavenger hunt. You can use these cards again and again in endless combinations. This game is a whole new way to explore your backyard, local park, or the great outdoors. This game is great for families, groups of kids, preschools, and many more!

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How Can Parents Prevent “Summer Slide?”

preventing summer slideSummer is at last upon us—summer, glorious summer! Your kids are out of school, and you might be asking yourself, “Now what?” Should you worry about the “summer slide” and their academic skills over the summer? Is it best to fill their schedules with activities, or give them a lazy summer filled with freedom? Should you plan academic activities to hone their skills, or let them veg-out in front of a screen? How do you find balance? These are my suggestions for having a wonderful (and balanced summer). The kind of summer that satisfies the need for free time, creates lasting memories, and leaves kids ready for school in September!

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9 Positive Educational Kid’s Shows

I am always on the look out for positive, educational kid’s shows. The kind I can let my kiddos watch, free of mom-guilt.  We have all read the studies on how screen time melts children’s brains and stunts their intellectual and physical development. I wholeheartedly agree that the amount of time kids spend in front of a TV should be limited. This is even more true for younger children. I endeavor to fill my kid’s waking hours with books, games, crafts, and outdoor activities as much as the next parent.

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Summer Blues? Six Creative Activities for Kids

Summertime Blues?

Summer is almost upon us. Summer, in all its glory, with its hot, sticky days, its melted ice cream cones, its mellow, lazy vibe. Too often summer can turn into too many cartoons, too many video games, and not enough constructive fun. What to do? How to banish the summer blahs? Check out these creative activities for kids!

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The Importance of Teaching Kids Kindness

With all the discussion on bullying, child suicide, and school shootings these days, I can’t help wonder where we have gone wrong. Of course, these are complex problems with many variables, and comprehensive solutions will be equally complex. Still, I believe that if we were all kinder to each other if we all actually followed the golden rule, at least some of these terrible things could be avoided. We need to teach our children kindness.

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