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The Best Stuffed Peppers

Need an easy recipe for dinner? Look no further!

Stuffed peppers are definitely one of my favorite dishes to make. They are so versatile, so fun, and so delicious. Over the years I have made several variations on this recipe. The possibilities are nearly endless. All you need is a bell pepper of your choice, a meat (Or not! Go ahead, make ’em vegetarian!), a starch like rice or couscous, salsa or diced tomatoes, cheese, and a few seasonings. You can choose a theme and build from there–Italian, southwest, Greek!

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Black Thumb: Diary of A Wannabe Gardener, Day 6 – Grow Lights

The Pros and Cons of Grow Lights

I was thrilled to discover that Walmart sells LED grow lights! For several days I had been debating whether or not to order some LED lights off of Amazon or try out some simple fluorescent shop lights. I read that LED were better, and then there they were on the shelf in the lighting section of Walmart, beckoning to me with their seductive promise of green seedlings and a productive crops.

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Summer Blues? Six Creative Activities for Kids

Summertime Blues?

Summer is almost upon us. Summer, in all its glory, with its hot, sticky days, its melted ice cream cones, its mellow, lazy vibe. Too often summer can turn into too many cartoons, too many video games, and not enough constructive fun. What to do? How to banish the summer blahs? Check out these creative activities for kids!

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Black Thumb: Diary of A Wannabe Gardener, Day 5 – Raised Beds

Beginner Gardening 101

Today I made a trip to the garden section of my local library. I love libraries—especially in this digital age—there Is something about the smell and feel of actual books. I love the weight of them in my hand, the feel of glossy pages filled with pictures . . . I checked out several books about gardening, probably too many. Given my busy schedule these days I won’t have time to read half of them.  

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Five Tips for a Fantastic Garage Sale

Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Rummage Sale, Moving Sale—call it what you want—it is that time of year again.

I consider myself a bit of a yard sale connoisseur, I love rummaging through people’s old treasures. Even when I don’t plan on buying anything, I enjoy sifting through the remnants of history and nostalgia. That, and sometimes I find some really cool stuff.  

 Having my own garage sale has proven to be almost as much fun—but a lot more work! That said, I have picked up a few tips to help anyone have their best garage sale yet! 

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Black Thumb: Diary of a Wannabe Gardener, Day 4 – Gardening To Do List

A Gardening “To Do” List

In the continuing saga of my gardening journey, I spent some time looking through the “To Do” list that Smart Gardener generated for me. The one negative I have to say about Smart Gardener is that the “To Do” list and calendar are not searchable. You have to scroll through the list of plants alphabetically or scroll through the calendar and search manually. Also, I had some seeds already—left over from my failed attempt at a vegetable garden last year, and ones I had impulse bought—which I wanted to track on my list.

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Black Thumb: Diary of a Wannabe Gardener, Day 3 – My First Plants

 First Planting . . . Strawberries

Today I planted my first seeds. As I said in my Day 2 post, according to Smart Gardener, I am already behind on my planting! I planted the strawberries without incident.  First, I bought some strawberry roots (and asparagus roots), Jiffy Peat Pots (size 3), a plastic Jiffy seed tray, and some soil designed for starting seeds. Next, I added some seed starting mix to the peat pots, a little water and mixed it up. Then I placed my strawberry roots, covered them with soil, and watered the tops. Finally, I put the peat pots in the seed tray so the water would have somewhere to drain and then covered them with plastic wrap.

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Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Awwww, spring, that most confusing of seasons. The time of year when you’re not quite sure whether to break out the flip flops and shorts or wrap up in a cozy sweater. Roasted Cauliflower Soup is the perfect meal for the season!

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Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Awww the memories . . .

Hungarian Mushroom Soup–so creamy and delicious! To me, this recipe is so much of my childhood. Every birthday, special dinner, family event, I requested to go to my favorite restaurant—Sibley Station in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. I always ordered the same thing—Hungarian Mushroom Soup. In fact, when I first started ordering this soup as a pre-teen, I didn’t even like mushrooms. I just loved the taste of the broth so much. I would drink all the broth and leave the mushrooms. Over time I grew to love mushrooms as well—you could say this soup taught me to love mushrooms.  

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Black Thumb: Diary of A Wannabe Gardener, Day 2 – Making a Plan

Hatching a Plot

I have discovered that successful gardening needs a plan. Ever since I hatched my cockamamie plan to turn my backyard plot into a real garden, I have been pinning ideas on Pinterest–pins about how to grow tomatoes in containers, how to start your own backyard compost, how to maximize space, etc. My husband is fully on board with the idea and has relocated (or torn down and rebuilt) a shed, an empty chicken coop and an over-sized, dilapidated green house to make room for my larger plot, compost bin, and smaller and more functional greenhouse. My sole contribution to the project thus far has been pinning.

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